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// Producer/Engineer/Artist


Indianapolis native, born Robert Moses Kekela Sei "HP" Tonini, has been making music for over 20 years. Starting out on the 1's and 2's in the 7th grade and eventually moving into the production and recording side, HP developed his sound over the years listening to all genres of music and learning different ways of interpreting his emotion and vibe into sound. A graduate of SAE - Nashville in 2006, he began to develop and hone in on what would eventually be his sound.


He completed his music business degree online at Berkeley School of music and eventually moved back to Indianapolis  in 2009 to pursue his education at Ivy Tech for photography and graphic design. 


He started Wavelength Music Group in 2009 and has since released a full length mixtape, 3 full length albums, and an instrumental series which consisted of 10 beats per month for the entire year of 2013. He completed this project with fellow friends and artists  Hazardous, Woozy Collins, Big$hot, and Klassix Jones. In 2013, HP released 66 instrumental tracks.




     Higher the Mixtape (2010)

     Live in My Mind (2012)

     Wavelength Instrumental Series (2013)

     The Lost Files (2015)

     The Drop Playlist (2020)

     Round 1 (2020)

     Home (2020)

Currently working with fellow artist Klassix Jones on their debut ep.

Expected to release 2022.